All New Control4 OS3 Is Now Available!


We are proud to announce once again that we have been rated #1 in customer service and personal tech support. With our highly skilled technicians and advanced remote technology, we have created an unbeatable level of support and resources for our many valued clients. Having trouble with your home theater or lighting programming? No problem, we will connect to your home over the internet and get you back on track without ever having to enter your home.


If you’re planning to build a custom home these days you need to know that standards are consistently changing. Now more than ever, custom home builders must be coherent in smart home technology and work alongside their technology integrator to develop consistent and reliable system designs. Contact us today and ask for our Preferred Builder List. These builders have been personally trained by Unity Tech on smart home technology and know how to incorporate smart home design into their builder standards.


Allow us to create a unique custom project with your original ideas in your home or property and we will submit your unique custom project to be featured by Control4, Tru Audio and other affiliates. If accepted, be prepared to receive fame and recognition along with free equipment upgrades and gift giveaways. We are very proud of our past accepted winners and we can’t wait to see what new unique ideas our clients will come up with next!


We at Unity Tech believe in a strong family network and long-lasting relationships with our clients. By referring us to your family and friends you will have guaranteed them an opportunity to be in safe hands. In return, once your family or friends project has been completed. We will immediately grant you a finder’s fee according to the project size. Just ask Alex & Cheryl -Houston Tx, They have been valued customers since Nov. 3. 2005 and have collected over $4800 by referring us to their family and friends.


  • “Our experience was exceptional, from start to finish. Our project designer was very patient and intuitive. Unity Tech made our experience exciting, without any stress or confusion.”  - David C., Magnolia, Tx