Window Shading

All year long the sun rises and sets, bathing your home in UV light at different angles each season. Motorized window shades make the most of your views with precise, effortless control of natural light. There are times throughout the day when sunlight is overpowering resulting in glare, brightness, and heat gain causing damage and fading of flooring, furniture, and artwork. Using motorized window shading can greatly protect against fading and rising temperatures in your home. By integrating an automation system with your motorized window shading, scheduled programming can be set to raise and lower your shades at peak sun hours daily.

This will greatly reduce air conditioning run time and lower energy cost. The best time to install motorized window shading is during the pre-construction stage of your home. This is because it is more cost-effective to run necessary cabling to each motorized shade, along with the added benefit of recessing the motorized shade roll equipment thus creating a clean aesthetic look. However, motorized window shades can be retrofitted to existing homes. Contact us today and allow one of our experts in solar window shading design an energy saving and beautiful esthetic look to your home.