Video Multi-Zone

A multi-zone video distribution system lets every Tv in your home share one common set of components, there is no need to purchase separate components for each room. With a multi-zone video distribution system, you can watch video from your DVD player, satellite receiver, video library server or other video sources on any Tv in the house. Each video source can be simultaneously viewed. Even though these systems can be retrofitted, the best way to start with a video distribution system is during the pre-construction stage of your home to get the necessary wiring design established. However, most new homes today are correctly wired and are able to create a video distributing environment.

This is where our highly skilled technicians will wire your home with the proper cabling, opening up a world of new incredible system design possibilities. System components such as satellite receivers, DVD players and more can be hidden away in a dedicated media closet or rack room. By including an automation system, you can easily operate the entire video system with a hand-held remote or wall-mounted touch panel and even from your smartphone.