Theater: Custom

Our vision and concept with our custom home theaters emphasizes on the esthetic design or look while delivering professional audio and video quality. Using 3D modeling software we can create a model of your project so that you can see our design and your ideas come to life before starting the installation. Custom room theme concepts such as “At the Movies”,” Under the Sea” or “Space and Beyond” creates an exciting home cinema experience for your family and friends. However, some homes today do not have an available room or attic space to convert into a designated home theater.

This creates designing limitations, but because of our many years of experience, we have unlocked many incredible design possibilities that would have never been thought possible. Take for example a home owner that would like to create a living room that has an elegant look without the sight of any theater equipment while it’s not being used; along with delivering professional audio and video quality. We at Unity Tech thrive on these seemingly impossible concepts and have developed jaw-dropping solutions to benefit your custom design needs. Take a look at our portfolio and see how we can make large flat-panel TVs disappear behind beautiful paintings and how we’ve redefined the art of the built-in speaker.