Local Networking

Some of the most exciting benefits of home networking have yet to fully materialize. Besides the use of well-known shared devices like printers, scanners, file storage and PC to PC; there is a world of home network standardization that has been developing over the past few years. These new networking developments consolidate most home consumer products to function and communicate over an IP based network along with service provider systems. For example, your cable box TV service or internet TV device, IP based security monitoring from your security company and much more!

The greatest obstacle home networks have come across in the past few years is being able to support the extremely fast-growing world of IP based home automation where there are constant and considerable amounts of data passing from one device to the other that would likely destroy most basic home networks, not to mention create constant device communication failures. Unity Tech understands the constantly changing world of IP based home networking and how to build a home network to properly suit your needs and have you prepared for any future services that may become available to your home.