Theater: Entry Level

Our vision and concept over our entry-level home theaters is to deliver a professional level of audio and video quality that can be designed and customized to fit any budget. Entry-level home theaters are not always found in specifically designed rooms to contain them such as the approach you would take in designing a higher-end theater where room acoustics play a large role in sound performance. An entry-level home theater is ideal for locations in the home such as a family room or great room that is normally open or connected to a kitchen and bedroom area.

Even though these entry-level home theaters deliver a professional cinematic experience while watching a movie, they tend to be more commonly used for watching everyday cable/sat TV. Because of this, it becomes important to design a home theater system that can deliver professional audio with clarity and balance that doesn’t overpower the room with high volume levels. At Unity Tech this technique has been developed over many years of experience in the field of professional audio and video. Call or email us today and allow our highly skilled staff to design and install an entry-level home theater for you.