Automation: Keypad Control

Keypad control has come a long way in home automation. With the development of wireless in-wall mounted keypads, a versatile industry standard has been created that allows not only an esthetic clean look to your home lighting but also programmable control over automated devices such as window drapery, house audio and more. Take for example of a home that has 4 or more light switches in one wall location causing confusion of what switch controls which light and because there are so many switches in one location it limits available wall space and can cause bad esthetic eyesores.

By incorporating automation technology in the pre-construction stage of your home, your electrician can easily centrally locate all your homes lighting to a discrete room or closet to consolidate groups of lighting and then conveniently locate 6, 3 or 2 button keypads that take up no more wall space than a single gangue outlet in convent room locations throughout your home. This gives you the ability to have a much more aesthetically clean look and complete control over your home lighting, audio, security, window drapery and more at every keypad location.