Automation: Energy/Management

Effective green and sustainability efforts are much more detailed than just harvesting daylight and dimming lighting levels. Managing and controlling ambient lighting is only one small piece of the process. The only way to achieve a meaningful reduction and noticeable change in energy usage and utility costs is for all automated energy management systems to be completely integrated on a single, intelligent automation control system. For example, by including automated control over all commonly used high energy draining devices such as HVAC thermostat, pool pumps, lighting, lawn irrigation, water heating and more.

With an automation system such as Control4, you will be able to take complete coherent control over your energy usage and create accurate energy consolidation. Using simple programming we can create automatic daily scheduling to turn lights off and lower or raze thermostat temperatures, run pool pumps at variable times and turn off electric water heaters when no one is home. If at the same time you were able to harness renewable energy by integrating a renewable energy system such as wind or solar energy, this becomes the best way to maximize your energy management by reducing energy usage and dependence on non-renewable energy.